Running Reflections: Hips don’t lie

November 29, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
… hips don’t lie… Shakira was right! How do I know, you ask?! Well, allow me to tell you a story. A story of that eventful first run after my half-marathon in October of 2023. I woke nice and early that day. Excited for my first 5K in over 3 weeks. and...
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Harnessing the Power of Preparation in Mergers & Acquisitions

November 22, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
In the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), preparation is not just a step; it's the cornerstone of success. The difference between a successful deal and a missed opportunity often lies in the groundwork laid long before the transaction occurs. Preparation...
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Running Reflections: PLAY

November 15, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
I am curious, do you play? The idea of play has been cropping up all around me. An idea that has me thinking and pondering. As Brené Brown shares in her book, ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ – “Wholehearted and resilient individuals incorporate play and pleasure...
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Position Your Supply Chain Business for a Highly Profitable Sale

November 08, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
After spending years building your supply chain, transportation, or logistics company, you deserve to be rewarded when you eventually exit the business. However, lack of preparation often causes entrepreneurs to leave massive sums on the table. This compounds...
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Running Reflections: Run for yourself

November 01, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed my half marathon Truth. I set out to run a full marathon, switching to the half marathon when my body was rejecting the longer distances (over 25 k) this summer. Reflecting back on the experience has me pondering...
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Stop leaving money on the table: three proven tips to maximize your business valuation

October 25, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
As an entrepreneur, you've invested blood, sweat, and tears in your business. When the time comes to exit, you’ve earned the right to be fully rewarded for all your hard work. But far too many owners leave massive sums of money on the table by failing...
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[PUBLICATION ALERT] Beyond pennies: 5 tips to figure out the untold wealth of your solopreneurship

October 23, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
I invite you to have a read and share the link: Beyond pennies: 5 tips to figure out the untold wealth of your solopreneurship Your business is more than a pot...
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Running Refelections: A running analogy for leading and lagging indicators in your business

October 18, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
Race Day finally came this month There I stood, with a nervous smile at the start line. One that switched to a satisfied smile of at the finish line. My goal was two-fold. First, finish feeling fine!!! (I love the musicality of an alliteration as a person...
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Position Your Business for a Record-Setting Sale

October 11, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
If you're a business owner, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is the way in which you exit your company. An exit represents the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears in building your enterprise. Done right, it can also represent...
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The Five Must-Ask Questions for an Intentional, Cash-Rich Business Exit

September 27, 2023 |Colleen O’ Connell-Campbell
Planning to exit your business is too often viewed through the lens of fatigue or surrender. It is not. Rather, it's a strategic move that every astute business owner should consider and plan for. Whether you're passing down the business to the next generation...
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