Double to Sell

Canada’s Premier Invitation-ONLY workshop for business owners who want a cash-rich exit in 10 years or less

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If you’re a business owner planning to sundown your company within the next 10 years, and want to ensure you have a cash rich exit, then this intensive two-day virtual workshop is for you.

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What kind of exit strategy are you planning?

Shutting down the business and selling any hard tangible assets?

Transitioning the business to the next generation?

Selling to someone on the management team?

Selling to a 3rd party (financial or strategic buyer)?


Face it, all businesses have an exit - make it one YOU CHOOSE. Start Planning NOW.


What to expect at Double to Sell

Drawing on the research of John Warrillow, author of Built to Sell, Automatic Customer, The Art of Selling your Business AND Developer of the Value Builder Score, this workshop will identify the areas in your business where you can immediately start adding value in order to have that cash-rich exit you desire.


You’ll complete the Value Builder Questionnaire where we’ll identify the top two drivers you should be focusing on

You’ll get to hear from two panels of entrepreneurs (just like you) who’ve been there, done that. And ask all the questions you want.

You’ll spend one full morning in a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop where I help you put a plan in place

You’ll have a follow-up one-on-one session with me to problem solve and keep you on track.


Who is this event for

CEOs, Founders and Business Owners who want a cash-rich exit in the next 3-5-10 years.


Why The Value Builder Methodology will increase the value of your business

The Value Builder Methodology is designed to make your business less dependent on you while driving up its value and giving you more options for your future. The average users start the program with a score of 59/100 on the Value builder questionnaire. Those owners who increase their score to 80 or more, are getting offers that are on average 71% higher than the typical scoring owner.


So there is a lot at stake financially.

But beyond the money, having a more valuable company that is less dependent on you personally gives you more options. Yes, with a Value Builder score of 80 or more you will likely be able to sell your business for a premium… but you could also pass it down to the next generation of managers, hire a leader to run your business day to day, because it can operate without you. All the while going to bed every night knowing that you are growing a valuable asset.



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Workshop Overview

Day One 

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

  • Introductions
  • Block One
  • Block Two
  • Block Three
  • Mindfulness Moment 
  • Wrap up

          Each block will be plenary style session plus a break out


Day Two 

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

  • Lessons from the Trenches 
    • Panel Session One
    • Panel Session Two
  • Wrap Up


Accountability Sessions will be organized 30 days post workshop.






Carley Schelck,

Double to Sell - workshop 2020


“Oliver and I are so grateful to you for thinking of us at this time during our business transition when a bit of inspiration and 'powerhouse thinking’ is so essential and uplifting.

You created a top-notch experience, with a laser vision in tact, and you executed on each dimension, communicating information and expectations (and fun teasers!) from the get-go - getting each participant “pumped” for the big day. We loved to receive the book in advance - and the “open the day of” surprise box! Such a fun addition!”





Question #1: How do you own your business?

Question #2: Do you know the value of your business?

Question #3:  Do you know what happens with your business if there’s an unexpected tragedy?

Question #4:  What does your exit look like?

Question #5: What happens after I exit?