A Better Planet

Jun 27, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
weekend, I went back in time in celebration of my alma mater. The University of Guelph celebrated it’s 50 year anniversary with an extraordinary Conversat Ball that started with a Gala dinner in the heart of campus followed by an evening of entertainment...
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Happy Anniversary!

Jun 20, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
Would you believe it? Today marks the one year anniversary of Word on the Street! It feels like just yesterday that I hovered above the send button for about 12 minutes before sending out my first note – excited to start something new and anxious about...
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Triple Weird

Jun 13, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
Today is Friday the 13th (the only one in 2014), a full moon (the first one on this day since October 2000) and the Liberals have won a majority government for the first time in years. Defying almost all predictions, even Wynne herself seemed taken aback...
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A brief word

Jun 07, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
Many of you have e-mailed over the course of the past 24 hours wondering what happened to your weekly dose of WOTS. How flattering it is to be missed! I was away W-F this past week, enhancing my awesome Wealth Management skills to serve you better at...
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