How Our Long Term Relationship Begins

My wealth management practice is mainly built through networking, word of mouth and referrals from trusted partners, clients and friends.  If we’ve met on any one of these levels, we’ll likely meet again to explore the opportunity of working together. 

This is how our long term relationship begins:


What to expect...

1. We meet formally at my office or yours to discuss our mutual expectations and to determine if there is a fit to move forwards.

  • I will prepare and provide you with a flexible agenda built around getting to know you. Many clients have expressed that they were surprised to learn a lot about themselves during this meeting.

  • I will ask you to bring your latest investment statements and a copy of your most recent written Financial Plan & Investment Policy Statement in addition to anything else finance related you'd like me to help with or review.

  • This is a no obligation consultation that will help you regardless of whether you choose to be a client or not.

2. We meet again within 2 weeks and I present a formal proposal of what your investments will look like in my care in addition to a full Wealth Management proposal showing you how my team and I will work to not only grow but preserve your money to leave a lasting legacy for what’s most important to you.

  • At this point, you would decide if you wanted to move forwards and we would sign account opening & transfer forms to make it official.

  • If we’ve determined that the fit isn’t right for us to proceed, I will introduce you to my trusted colleagues or partners.

  • At the very least, after spending some time together, the proposal I draft for you based on the discovery conversation we had in the first meeting will provide recommendations and next steps that you can use with your existing advisors- if the outcome is that you are able to do this, I'll be happy.

3. We meet again after you receive your first statement to review it and address any questions.

  • Your formal Investment Policy Statement is presented

  • I provide you with a Financial Planning Questionnaire to get the financial planning process in place

  • We address your immediate priorities and prepare a plan for the rest

4. Our formal review meetings for the next 2 years are pre-booked so that you know when we're meeting next

  • Guidelines for why we and how we will contact one another are discussed & outlined

  • Ongoing meetings with my Wealth Management experts will be booked to address your goals and objectives as we come to them throughout the plan

Experience for yourself what it's like to work with Dian

When you're ready to take the next step, contact Dian directly at 416.842.4234 or at