July 26, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Last night, I attended the third annual Julyna Fundraising Gala. Like most grassroot initiatives, it has taken a while for the fundraiser to catch on, but the month of July is almost synonymous with Julyna as November is to Movember. That said, I still...
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Summer doldrums

July 19, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Ah, what exactly does that mean? The summer doldrums is a phenomenon in the stock market where trading volume falls substantially as a result of investor psychology. The phenomenon refers to the negative impact on market returns due to so many traders...
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Flash Flood

July 12, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
As temperatures have soared across the country over the last few weeks, it seems that summer has finally arrived. In many cases, the hotter temperatures have brought with it volatile weather - like the epic, record amounts of rain we swam through on Monday...
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Hello 4th of July, Goodbye July 1st

July 05, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Within a mere three days, we North American neighbours have lots to celebrate. While our spirits may be in a parallel state, the recent divergence between the U.S. and Canadian dollars have begun to take a larger share of the financial headlines over...
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