Vacation Correlation

August 28, 2015 |Dian Chaaban
I rarely take time away from the office (mostly because I love what I do so much and I’m what my family and friends affectionately refer to as a “workaholic”) but reflecting back on only the past 12 months (in which I’ve been away twice) I’ve noticed...
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Letting Go

August 21, 2015 |Dian Chaaban
If we haven’t had a chance to chat yet this week, you’ve now confirmed that I am still alive after having survived the Edge Walk and making it back down onto the ground safely. Was it scary? Sure it is. You’re up 1,168 feet above the ground and for the...
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Conquering Fears

August 14, 2015 |Dian Chaaban
What to hear something ironic? My handsome 6’7 husband is afraid of heights. It’s his birthday tomorrow and he said to me that he’d like to “conquer his fears” this year on his birthday by doing the CN Tower Edge Walk – which involves being strapped to...
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August 07, 2015 |Dian Chaaban
When I was in line for my morning Starbucks coffee today, I overhead two men raving about how amazing the Blue Jays have been doing this season – and how the current buzz over their winning streak was reminiscent of their childhood (since the Jays haven’t...
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