Give me your wallet

February 28, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
I heard a really inspiring and intriguing story over the radio while driving out to meet some clients on Monday night. The radio host was reminiscing about an interview he’d heard in 2008 about a 31-year-old social worker, Julio Diaz who would routinely...
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February 21, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
What an incredible week for Canadian athletes and fans all around. The anticipation and excitement is so intense that my access to the word wide web has crashed about two dozen times thanks to all of the game streaming… I actually had to reference a hard...
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Love Market

February 14, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
Roses are red, violets are blue, your stocks don’t love you. Ok, that didn’t rhyme as well as I would have liked, but since love is in the air, today is a great day to talk about taking your emotions out of investing and into places where it will be more...
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Wealth and Health

February 07, 2014 |Dian Chaaban
They’re two sides of the same coin, aren’t they? While everyone defines their health & wealth differently – it’s hard to picture enjoying one without the other. Yesterday, the WOA was at it again hosting an educational and insightful event at RBC's Plaza...
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