In Person

RBC Top Performance Convention Cruise Winner

Left to right: David Agnew, CEO, RBC Dominion Securities, Dian Chaaban, Investment & Wealth Advisor, Kim Mason, Regional VP, RBC Royal Bank, Gary MacDonald, Regional Director, RBC Dominion Securities
Dian was 1 of 9 investment professionals selected from 1600 advisors across RBC Wealth Management Canada to attend the annual RBC Performance Conference in recognition of bringing the best of RBC to our clients, November 2014.

Ringing the TSX opening bell

Dian participates in the opening bell of the Toronto Stock Exchange to recognize International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018.

10x10 Alumni with Impact Award

The annual 10x10 Alumni with Impact Award recognizes ten University of Guelph business alumni who have achieved rapid and significant growth in their careers, who are within ten years of graduation. These proud and highly engaged University of Guelph alumni have garnered significant responsibility and influence within their respective industries and organizations, May 2018.

Financial Expert on Newstalk1010 with Jerry Agar

Dian is one of Jerry Agar’s financial experts and is regularly invited to share her knowledge on Newstalk1010 with Jerry.
Click on the segments below to listen to the recordings:
  1. Do you know anything about your credit score?
  2. What’s the smartest way to make your money work as hard as possible?
  3. Do you have a will?
  4. Financial Planning
  5. Needing insurance
  6. Saving for a kid's education

Radio Interview on Career Buzz 89.5FM

Career Cycles - Radio Interview on Career Buzz 89.5FM | Raising your voice & your wealth (October 9, 2013)
In her career as an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, Dian draws on all her interests, to help people, provide advice and run a business. She calls it the best gig in the world. But there was hardship & challenge along the way...

Dian on Team RBC raising funds for JDRF in support of Diabetes Research

Dian was a proud member of the RBC Wealth Management team in support of Diabetes Research alongside 4,000 other riders in Toronto and together they raised over $1.2 million towards funding crucial research for cures, better treatments and prevention of type 1 diabetes, October 2015.

University of Guelph Alumni Association Board Member, 2010 - 2014

RBC Dominion Securities' Women's Advisory Board Member, 2011 - 2014

Founder of Women of Ambition (WOA)

Women of Ambition (WOA) is an exclusive and strategically crafted private group of women entrepreneurs and professionals who are motivated and eager to grow their respective businesses.
Through collaborative initiatives, mutual referrals and creative networking, WOA provides members with invaluable inspiration and support for their personal and professional lives.

In Print

Beating a Bad Break | Wealth Professional, Issue 4.03, March 2016

Wealth Professional is an online and print magazine committed to our industry’s news, opinion and analysis.
Read Dian's full profile story here.

Young Guns | Wealth Professional, Issue 4.04, April 2016

CHANGE. It's an inevitability of life and business, particularly this one. As the full implications of CRM2 take effect this July and technology continues to alter how advisors do business, 2016 is set to be a formative year for the industry. And according to this year’s Young Guns, these changes are moving the industry in the right direction.
Encompassing a cross-section of the financial industry’s best and brightest millennial talent, the 25 individuals highlighted on this year’s list have strong opinions on their profession and where the financial services sector needs to improve. Change can often be a cause for concern, but with these advisors leading the charge, the industry clearly has nothing to worry about. less
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Financial blog contributor for A Little Fix with Emily Key

Articles include: Financial Fitness | Women & Wealth: Why it Matters | Finding Martial & Financial Bliss | Top 10 Resolutions to Improve your Finances

Financial blog contributor for

A virtual main street for entrepreneurial and leadership-focused women.
Articles include: Think & Grow Rich | Marital & Financial Bliss

Corporate Yogi Profile

Sometimes yoga presents amazing discoveries for people. That’s the case for Dian Chaaban, a dynamic, brainy investment advisor. After a severe accident in 2007 left her facing the possibility of never walking again, Dian started yoga to accelerate her recovery process...
Read Dian's full story here.

RBC Market Wizards Contest

Early 2013, The Plaza Futures Group at Dominion Securities held a Market Wizards contest and asked advisors across the country to submit their predictions for events and market movements for the upcoming year. One year later, it was announced that among some esteemed colleagues across the firm, Dian had won the market forecasting contest (well technically speaking, she tied for first).
Check out the Market Wizards Final Results here.