Ongoing Resolutions

January 29, 2016 |Dian Chaaban
After an intense start to the year, January has ended the month on a positive note – the S&P 500 rose 1.7% and the Dow Industrials rose 2.3% for the week while the TSX rallied 3.5%, led by Energy and Materials. While the green week was nice to see, investors...
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Green Goodness

January 22, 2016 |Dian Chaaban
After a rough ride in the markets this past week, my face was sporting a smile and a bright green glow from the reflection of my Thomson (screen shot of my market close below with all sectors in the green). While it was an intense week that saw panic...
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Beating the odds

January 15, 2016 |Dian Chaaban
Earlier this week thousands of Canadians went Powerball bananas finding creative ways to buy their lucky ticket for Wednesday’s estimated US $1.5 billion jackpot (ahem, that’s ~2.18 billion Canadian) – the largest jackpot in US lottery history. Despite...
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Bold Predictions

January 08, 2016 |Dian Chaaban
This week, I attended the 39th Annual Outlook 2016 forecast luncheon – an annual event hosted by the Canadian Club and National Post which features an expert panel discussion on the economy, the markets and political issues that will affect Canadians...
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