Cupcakes, Mmmm

September 27, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Last night I had the privilege of attending a special dinner event to launch the Ember Business Exchange. Ember is Ontario’s first entrepreneurial hub for women, providing entrepreneurs with opportunities for engagement with a community of colleagues...
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Tampering? Oh, just kidding

September 20, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Wednesday morning, economists, analysts and I woke up with the anticipation of watching history in the making – the Fed has essentially never done said tapering before and all reports, research, media and talk were focused on the long anticipated wind-down...
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Perfect Harmony

September 13, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
Earlier this week I hosted an event that brought three of my favourite elements together: Stocks, Suits and Scotch. While I knew the three would compliment one another nicely, I didn’t realize just how much they had in common until I saw the event come...
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50 Shades of anarchy

September 06, 2013 |Dian Chaaban
While I aim to be a ‘stylish’ individual, I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of the latest fad, trend or gadget. I still think UGGs are ugly. It took me about 3 years to cave into Facebook. I am still maintaining a love-hate relationship with my blackberry...
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