A Wealth of Knowledge

Jun 30, 2017 |Dian Chaaban
    Wednesday morning we started the day off right with a special breakfast event featuring RBC’s Chief Investment Strategist, Jim Allworth. As a part of my ongoing commitment to keeping my clients informed and confident in our future plan, I arranged...
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Successor Holder

Jun 16, 2017 |Dian Chaaban
    During a meeting with a new client this week, while completing her TFSA beneficiary form, she stopped to ask me what the difference was between her options to designate a beneficiary vs. a successor holder and while I was explaining, it dawned on...
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The Covfefe Code

Jun 02, 2017 |Dian Chaaban
    President Trump sent out an unfinished tweet that seemed to be complaining about the press early Wednesday morning, Despite the constant negative covfefe” - the word “covfefe” most likely meant to say “coverage” erupted on twitter with a fury of confusion...
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