Back to school, school is cool

Sep 13, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
I realized at a young age that I was more of a mathlete than an athlete (I was that kid who you picked last in gym class because I could barely catch a ball) which wasn't so fun during recess but my grade 8 graduation encouraged me to stay the course...
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I say a little prayer

Aug 24, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
Aretha Franklin died last week on August 16th at the young age of 76 without a will or trust. The Queen of Soul was reportedly worth US$80 million but the true value of her estate isn’t yet known – mostly because her song catalog hasn’t been appraised...
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Why would I pay more tax today?

Aug 10, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
Is what a client of mine asked this week during a review meeting of her retirement plan.  I don’t blame her for thinking that she was to defer paying taxes as long as possible because it’s often recommended that retirees draw income from low- or nontaxable...
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Financial Jargon

Jul 27, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
With constant advancements in technology and the wide use of social media, we have access to more financial reading material than ever before (it’s literally at our fingertips). That said, too many opinions and too many perspectives can start to muddy...
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The greatest geek who ever lived

Jul 13, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
I came across a great article this week about Nikola Tesla. To be honest, I recognized the name because of the car (as I’m sure you did, too) but quickly realized that he is much more than that.  In fact, he has nothing to do with the American car company...
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Cottage conundrum

Jun 22, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
With summer officially here and with the Canada Day long weekend coming up, talk of cottage plans is all around; small talk in the elevator, catching up while in line for coffee and chatter throughout the change room at the gym in the mornings. Whether...
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“Ontario is open for business”

Jun 08, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
Doug Ford led the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to a decisive victory last night, securing a majority government, winning 76 seats of the available 124 with 40% of the popular vote—9 percentage points more than the PCs won in 2014.     While...
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So fresh and so clean, clean.

May 11, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
  Last weekend Mark and I finally tackled the “miscellaneous” room down by the garage that over the years had become a messy collection of our golf clubs, Mark’s cycling “stuff”, gardening things and all of Mark’s power tools, screws, wrenches, about...
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Spring Surprises

Apr 20, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
        With Mother Nature’s surprise spring storm last week, I’ve noticed that many clients and friends have booked last minute trips to find Spring-like weather elsewhere. Others are grudgingly putting their winter coats back on and finding new motivation...
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Chess Moves

Apr 06, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
      It may or may not surprise you that I was on the chess club in elementary school. I used to also prefer playing chess against my computer over playing sports with the other kids…which really explains my terrible hand-eye coordination now as an adult...
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