Cottage conundrum

Jun 22, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
With summer officially here and with the Canada Day long weekend coming up, talk of cottage plans is all around; small talk in the elevator, catching up while in line for coffee and chatter throughout the change room at the gym in the mornings. Whether...
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“Ontario is open for business”

Jun 08, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
Doug Ford led the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to a decisive victory last night, securing a majority government, winning 76 seats of the available 124 with 40% of the popular vote—9 percentage points more than the PCs won in 2014.     While...
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So fresh and so clean, clean.

May 11, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
  Last weekend Mark and I finally tackled the “miscellaneous” room down by the garage that over the years had become a messy collection of our golf clubs, Mark’s cycling “stuff”, gardening things and all of Mark’s power tools, screws, wrenches, about...
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Spring Surprises

Apr 20, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
        With Mother Nature’s surprise spring storm last week, I’ve noticed that many clients and friends have booked last minute trips to find Spring-like weather elsewhere. Others are grudgingly putting their winter coats back on and finding new motivation...
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Chess Moves

Apr 06, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
      It may or may not surprise you that I was on the chess club in elementary school. I used to also prefer playing chess against my computer over playing sports with the other kids…which really explains my terrible hand-eye coordination now as an adult...
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March Madness

Mar 23, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
    March madness.   And I don’t mean college ball (mostly because my bracket is already toast). I mean, madness when it comes to the worsening trade relation between the world’s two largest economies. Interesting to note that 25% of the world’s GPD is...
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It's going to be ok

Feb 09, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
      It’s going to be ok.   Despite 2018’s roaring start to the year (US markets were up ~6% in one month alone, returns you would be expecting throughout the course of an entire year), headlines over the last week have exaggerated the volatility as...
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All in a number

Jan 19, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
      Numbers are a universal language - no matter where you are in the world, despite any language barrier, you could easily express a number with your hands, with math (we’ve all negotiated somewhere with a calculator) or with a symbol.   Numbers are...
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Jan 05, 2018 |Dian Chaaban
      Let's face it - New Year's resolutions are lame. Last year I wrote to you about the concept of making small life-changing resolutions (like flossing or stretching) rather than setting overzealous goals doomed for defeat. I also publically shared...
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New Kids on the Blockchain

Dec 08, 2017 |Dian Chaaban
  I’ve had more inquiries and intrigue from clients (and friends) regarding cryptocurrencies in the past week than I’ve had all year so I thought I’d write to you today and share an article we recently published on the space entitled, ‘New kids on the...
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