Fall 2022 Economic Statement

December 01, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
To learn more about the most significant tax and financial planning measures announced in the Fall Economic Statement, please click the article below. To discuss if the update is applicable to you and your situation, please reach out. Click Here
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Income Taxes at Death

November 24, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
An individual's obligation to pay income tax and file an income tax return(s) continues in the year of death. This article provides information for the legal representative of a deceased person as it relates to taxation. As always, for more information...
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Quarterly Tax Instalments

November 17, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
Quarterly tax instalments - what are they and when are you required to make them? To help understand why and when this may apply, please click below. As always, for more information, please reach out. Click Here
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Wealth Planning Strategies During a Market Downturn

November 10, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
During periods of heightened volatility, you should consider revisiting key wealth planning strategies that may effect your financial well-being. In fact, certain strategies can be even more effective during a market downturn. For more information, please...
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Charitable Donations of Securities

November 03, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
As year end approaches, now is a good time for those who are charitably inclined to think about donating shares in kind. This article discusses the potential tax benefits and strategies that many of our clients use. For more information, please reach...
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U.S. Foreign Trust Rules for Canadian Trusts

October 27, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
The U.S. tax system has a complex set of rules for foreign trusts. Knowing how these rules may impact a U.S. person who resides in Canada is key to ensuring whatever trust structure is used does not lead to suboptimal outcomes. Click Here
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2022 Year-End Tax Planning

October 20, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
As we approach 2023, it is important to be proactive and review your financial affairs to see if any planning can yield tax savings. From tax loss selling to charitable donations, knowing what strategies to employ and the deadlines to implement is important...
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Determining Your Tax Residency Status in Canada

October 13, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
Are you a resident of Canada for tax purposes? Sounds easy to know, however, for many determining are you, and if so when did you start, is very complicated. Please click the article below for more information and as always, feel free to reach out with...
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Tax-Efficient Asset Location

October 06, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
A lot of attention is spent on asset allocation and rightfully so. However, another important consideration is asset location. Asset location helps to enhance your after-tax return by looking at how different sources of return are taxed, depending on...
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Canada Pension Plan

October 03, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is an important source of income for most retirees. Examining how the plan works, the options available and the implications of those choices are very important. For more information, please reach out. Click Here
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