Pension Income Tax Credit

October 26, 2023 |Charles W. Cullen III
If you are receiving eligible pension income, you may be entitled to claim both a federal and a provincial tax credit. The federal non-refundable pension income tax credit is on the first $2,000 of eligible pension income. To learn more, please click...
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Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Maturity Options

October 19, 2023 |Charles W. Cullen III
Most Canadians have a RRSP. However, not all understand the different options when their RRSP matures. For more information, please reach out. Click Here
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Transferring a U.S. retirement plan to your RRSP or RRIF

October 12, 2023 |Charles W. Cullen III
Many Canadians and U.S. persons accumulate wealth in U.S. based retirement plans while working in the U.S. This article discusses how to tax-efficiently consolidate with your RRSP or RRIF. Each situation is different and should be reviewed by a qualified...
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Canadians Investing in Publicly Traded U.S. Securities

October 05, 2023 |Charles W. Cullen III
For many Canadians, investing in the U.S. stock market, whether to diversify or in the pursuit of different risk/return exposure, is a material part of their overall portfolio. Understanding the U.S. and Canadian income tax considerations should not be...
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