RRSP Strategies at Age 71

August 25, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
Many individuals do not know that even though they must wind up their RRSPs in the year they turn 71, that they still can potentially make use of any RRSP deduction room. To learn how, on this and other tax planning strategies, please reach out. Click...
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RRSP Deduction Limit Statement

August 18, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
Understanding and interpreting how much RRSP room you have can be complex. We help our clients read their Notice of Assessment (NOA) so they can maximize their RRSP deduction room, while also ensuring that they do not over contribute. To see how we can...
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Establishing an RESP

August 11, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
With kids heading back to school, it may be time for those who have not yet opened an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) to consider doing so. An RESP has many unique benefits that allow one to save for a beneficiary's education. To learn how to...
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U.S. Income Tax and Other Filing Requirements for U.S. Persons Living in Canada

August 04, 2022 |Charles W. Cullen III
The U.S. tax system imposes income tax based on both citizenship and residency status. Generally, this means American's living in Canada must file two tax returns annually. This article provides an overview regarding the common U.S. income tax and other...
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