Are you thinking of leaving the U.S tax system?

February 19, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Frustrated U.S. Citizen? As an American by birth, Canadian by choice, I have the privilege of meeting scores of U.S. Citizens each year, who reside in Canada. Their stories are varied. Some are accidental Americans (closest hospital was in the U.S.)....
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Moving from Canada to the U.S.

February 11, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Last week we looked at Moving from Canada and the key tax and estate planning considerations. Now, we dig a little deeper and look specially at Canadian residents looking to move to the U.S. Over the years, I’ve had many clients move from Canada to the...
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Moving from Canada

February 04, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
It’s important to be aware of the tax and estate planning issues that may arise for Canadian residents who cease Canadian residency and any planning opportunities you may be able to utilize to eliminate or minimize any tax implications. Call me before...
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TFSA Quick Tips

February 02, 2021 |Charles Cullen
Smart tips for your TFSA - an important tool to maximizing your after tax returns Click here
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