Withdrawing Surplus Cash From a Corporation

March 26, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Hard work has gone into accumulating cash in a corporation. The Strategies to withdraw it can often be involved - any questions, please let me know. Click Here
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Passive Investment Income in a Private Corporation

March 19, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Accumulating wealth in a corporation in Canada? Very common among business owners and professionals, but the rules have changed in the past few years. See attached for some details. Call me with any questions. Click Here
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Determining Your Tax Residency Status in Canada

March 12, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Are you a Canadian? If you have a Canadian Passport, you would always answer "yes" . . . But it can be a bit more complicated if you are trying to determine Canadian Tax Residency. This article explores a few of the issues surrounding this. Any questions...
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Canada Non-Resident Withholding Tax

March 05, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Canada (like many other countries) uses a withholding tax to collect revenue from non-residents. See the attached for details. Call me with any questions Click Here
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U.S Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

March 01, 2021 |Charles W. Cullen III
Gifts are taxed? They can be when the U.S. is involved. Want to give your U.S. condo to you daughter, it may be subject to U.S. gift tax. This article provides an overview of U.S transfer tax laws for U.S federal purposes and the Canada-U.S. Income Tax...
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