Who are we?

Wayne Crowder, Vice President and Portfolio Manager and Ray Crowder, Associate Investment Advisor are a father/son team with a combined 40 years of Wealth Management and Banking expertise.  They are dedicated to, and inspired by helping clients realize the lifestyles they envision for themselves.  Wayne and Ray pride themselves in delivering the best possible client experience by leveraging their own expertise and the expertise of their RBC Wealth Management partners.  The result is a wholistic approach to your financial health with no aspect left unattended to. 

What do we do? 

Using a disciplined and conservative approach to wealth creation and asset management, we deliver comprehensive investment and financial strategies to help wealthy individuals achieve the "great goals" in their lives:  a comfortable lifestyle, a dignified retirement, and a legacy for their wealth for the next and following generations.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are high net worth individuals who are seeking well researched, knowledgeable wealth management they can trust, allowing them more time and peace of mind to focus on the things that matter most in their lives, while achieving their financial goals.

What is our process?

We overlay RBC Dominion Securities' extensive research recommendations with our own value-oriented selection criteria.  We screen for companies in healthy financial condition.  In addition, we look for businesses with good qualitative characteristics, like an experienced and proven management team, demonstrated market leadership and sustainable growth characteristics.  Finally, we carefully search for businesses whose shares trade at low valuation based on measures of price to earnings, price to free cash flow, price to book value and dividend yield.