We were looking for someone to handle our financial affairs. After meeting with Darrell we thought it would be a perfect fit. We’ve been very happy with him for the last 7 years.

The financial process the team took me through was very extensive. They utilized a chartered accountant and an estate planner. Not only did they make a financial plan for me today but also for my future with tax efficiencies during my life time. But the most important part for me was for my estate. Now I’m comfortable knowing our funds are going to the places we intend.

               Linda, Retired – Ancaster, ON


12 years ago we were at the point where we had a third of our portfolio invested at one firm and two thirds at another firm, which would tell you we weren’t necessarily happy with either firm. When we first interviewed Cavin, he did a second opinion of what we were doing with both of these firms. We agreed to give him one third of the portfolio as a test and as a result of terrific performance on the test we agreed to give him 100% of the portfolio.

               Joe and Jean, Retired (Sales Executive and Travel Specialist) – London, ON


At this point in my life, my financial situation is becoming more complicated. It’s beneficial to me to have a team of advisors who handle my day to day affairs allowing me more time to focus on medicine and the more enjoyable things in life like family.

               Matthew, Physician - Sarnia, ON


The team has access to a breadth of knowledge. Whenever there is a sudden change in the markets or in the news, they are proactive in a lot of cases. They will either call or send an email backed up by the research team at RBC. They are very responsive. If you send a question, you know you’re going to get an answer, it’s not like we have to get after them to get the answer. It’s comfortable knowing they are looking after it.

              Brian and Linda, Retired (Software Engineer and Accountant) – London, ON


The team has made us feel so comfortable with everything that has taken place. They've taken a personal interest with all of our finances including our rental properties. They look at your total financial portfolio and they have done an amazing job. We’re appreciate of everything they have done for us, it’s given us an opportunity now in our early 60’s to be able to say, you can retire. It’s through their help.

              Dan and Pamela, Retired (Real Estate Investors, Business development manager and Account Manager) – London, ON


When a change is needed in the portfolio, they move all of their clients at the same time and at the same price. The whole group of clients they’re responsible for are treated equally. If this is going to benefit a large investor it’s going to benefit a small investor. I’m playing with the big guys and I’m not necessarily a big guy. I like that, it’s a comfortable feeling.

              Gary and Anne, Retired (IT Professionals) – Ilderton, ON