Pension-Style Portfolio Management

A lower volatility investment approach focused on consistent, stable returns:

Our team’s disciplined investment approach is modeled after Canada’s leading pension plans. Like the major pension plans, our investment strategies utilize a variety of asset classes, including publicly traded equities and fixed-income, private commercial real estate and other alternative strategies designed to minimize the impact of market downturns on client portfolios. In many instances, our client’s wealth is invested in the same strategies as Canada’s largest, most reputable pension fund investors.

As discretionary portfolio managers operating within the Private Investment Management Program at RBC, our team will make appropriate adjustments to client portfolios as market and economic conditions change over time.

Private Investment Management Program

The Private Investment Management Program allows investors to work directly with an accredited portfolio manager. Day-to-day investment decisions are delegated to the portfolio manager who will seek to achieve your objectives based upon an agreed risk management framework detailed in an investment policy statement. Market and economic conditions change. Your personal situation and goals will also change. As a result, it is essential to make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio as time goes on. We will make day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf to respond to and anticipate the changing market and economic landscape. If the outlook for a certain sector of the economy brightens, we may increase your holdings in that sector. Similarly, if the outlook for a certain region of the world improves, your portfolio will be adjusted accordingly within the guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement.

Your portfolio is monitored by our Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Group to ensure its ongoing alignment with our Investment Management Guidelines and your customized Investment Policy Statement. Private Investment Management also has a Compliance Team of financial professionals to ensure we meet the requirements of industry regulation and law. In many cases, our internal policies exceed the guidelines established by industry regulators. By auditing our work, as well as the portfolios we manage, this team provides further peace of mind to our clients. The qualifications and experience required to offer Private Investment Management, Canada’s largest discretionary investment management program, combined with the support provided through these mechanisms, helps keep your portfolio on track.