High-Net-Worth Families

We are a trusted advisor to established families, providing comprehensive wealth planning advice and pension-style portfolio management. We understand that your family’s needs are unique and we are committed to creating a wealth strategy that is tailored specifically for you.

Business Owners

We are specialists in understanding the unique wealth considerations that business owners are presented with. Investing in a tax-efficient manner in corporate accounts and using insurance structures to maximize estate values are among our specialties. We also have leading in-house business succession planning capabilities to aid entrepreneurs when they are ready to sell or transition their business to the next generation. Our close relationship with commercial and private banking specialists also allows for the use of advanced credit strategies.

Farm and Land Owners

We have a significant number of clients involved in supply management and cash crop farming businesses. In addition to the services we offer all business owners, we are intimately familiar with the complexities and family dynamics that are often present in agricultural businesses. Preserving family harmony and minimizing tax are often key priorities, and our team is ready to help. We also work closely with our specialists in agricultural lending to aid our clients with expansion or divestiture.

Medical and Dental Professionals

Often, medical and dental professionals are busy with their practices and do not have the time to be involved in day-to-day investment decisions. For these clients, we offer fully discretionary portfolio management whereby you can delegate the day-to-day management of your portfolio to our team. Tax-efficient strategies for professional corporations and other unique planning opportunities are also available for healthcare professionals.

Non-Profit Organizations

We advise non-profit boards on conservative investment strategies for their holdings. We understand the responsibilities of non-profit board members and we are well-versed in working within the parameters of their investment policy statement. We work closely with RBC Capital Markets to design income and capital protection strategies for non-profits. For clients with assets in excess of $2 million, we can create customized principal-protected solutions.


Whether you're years away from retiring, close to retirement or already retired, a comprehensive plan and expert advice are critical in building and protecting your retirement dream. Our team will be there every step of the way, delivering the strategies, service and solutions that you may need to help achieve or maintain a comfortable retirement.  Our comprehensive wealth planning process we will:

• Project your retirement needs and the steps required to achieve them

• Create diversified, tax-efficient retirement income with your nest egg

• Protect your wealth with the right balance of risk and reward

• Plan when to withdraw from your investment accounts tax-efficiently

• Design a tax-smart estate plan for a quick and efficient transfer to your loved ones

• Safeguard your personal assets and your family's lifestyle from adverse events

• Plan family income-splitting strategies