Full-service and comprehensive wealth planning

Sound portfolio management is only one part of comprehensive wealth management. Whether you require a detailed retirement income plan, advice on the sale of your business, or help planning your estate, our dedicated team of wealth planning professionals will bring the best of RBC’s industry-leading expertise to you

Business Owner Planning

Our extended team of business owner specialists, all former accountants and lawyers, help our clients with medium-to large-sized businesses understand their current business structure and plan for succession.

Will and Estate Consultation

Our professional Will and estate consultant works closely with our clients to help them understand how their estates are currently structured, and what effects that structure will have on their families and their financial legacies.

Insurance Strategies

Our highly qualified insurance specialist from RBC Wealth Management Services works with our clients to help them create and preserve wealth. We follow a comprehensive process to assess needs and, if appropriate, recommend tax-exempt insurance products that help achieve our clients’ financial objectives.

Professional Network

We also offer access to a network of professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, to help ensure that the various issues related to the management of your wealth are properly addressed. If you have existing relationships with professionals in these areas we coordinate closely with them to ensure that we are all working together as seamlessly as possible on your behalf.

Financial Planning

Working with the financial planning specialists at RBC, our team can provide a plan designed to help you build and protect your financial future, no matter how complex your needs. We help our clients plan for retirement, save for their family members’ educations, protect their lifestyles, fund major purchases, prepare their businesses for sale or succession, and create their legacies. We specialize in planning for clients with corporations and trusts.

Greater Tax Savings

Comprehensive tax planning and execution have the potential to greatly add to your after-tax investment returns. Our tax-minimization strategies are designed to realize the lowest possible taxation, based on your financial situation now and into the next generation. Additionally, our transparent cost structure allows for tax-deductibility on your non-registered and corporate investment accounts.