I could do that

Aug 31, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Down in Vancouver this week for a family thing, and tripped over a memory as always. Today, the Grouse Grind is a grueling hike in North Vancouver, so-named because of its steep incline and proximity to the posh, populated West Vancouver. The stiff climb...
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3.89 times around the earth

Aug 16, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon, Never-Ending Stories: If we’re having a hard time wrapping a mask around our faces for the latest threat from Covid, the weather outside might give us another reason to do so. Here’s a few tidbits to inhale, on a smoky weekend, as we anticipate...
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It's Gonna Be Alright

Aug 03, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon, Just a few quick notes this afternoon as we head in to the August long-weekend. Building mental resilience -- Olympian Clara Hughes Sometimes right when we need strength, we just can’t muster it, emotionally, mentally, physically – whatever...
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