It's Gonna Be Alright

Aug 03, 2021 | Mark Ryan


Good afternoon,


Just a few quick notes this afternoon as we head in to the August long-weekend.


Building mental resilience -- Olympian Clara Hughes

Sometimes right when we need strength, we just can’t muster it, emotionally, mentally, physically – whatever -- by then it’s all a mushy blend. But this is a normal function of being a human, even for the truly greatest of our species. In one such moment, Canadian Olympic medalist, Clara Hughes walked away from a race realizing she hadn't fulfilled her job as an athlete and Olympian. She’s had lots of time to reflect since then, and vowed to use her platform to highlight mental health struggles. Read her very personal story here:  Building mental resilience with Olympian Clara Hughes


A Long story long

Global markets weathered two key events in the U.S. this week: the latest Fed meeting and the highly anticipated first estimate of Q2 U.S. GDP. While each highlighted near-term uncertainty, both serve as a reminder that what actually matters is the long term.

Regional developments: Canadian and U.S. inflation diverge once again; U.S. stocks celebrate a strong earnings season, but management teams cite challenges ahead; Strong European earnings but inflation starting to bite; China equities rebound after panic selling.


A Deeper Dive for Insomniacs here: Global Insight Weekly


A Couple of Charts:

These two graphs give us a peak at how buying patterns were muddled during the Covid period, and when it is expected to level off:


Enjoy your weekend !