Sleeping ( on a stack ) in Seattle

Feb 24, 2021 |Mark Ryan
The Tycoon Next Door I’m interested in how tech giant founders manage to portray themselves as innocuous rebel coffee shop couch-sitters -- those friendly guys who grew up down the road and started up in their parents’ garage. There he is in his faded...
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Wit' a Litt'l Bit of Bloom'n Luck

Feb 12, 2021 |Mark Ryan
A happy Friday afternoon to you! Oh MyLanta! I thought you might enjoy this bit about Bitcoin. It’s a little long, but definitely qualifies as current. Bitcoin is a potentially transformative technology whose impacts may extend beyond its use as an investment...
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Please Pass the Generic Fat Solids

Feb 10, 2021 |Mark Ryan
As newlywed students, we spent a Valentine’s Day dinner something like 30 years ago on the cheap with another student couple, good friends of ours. There were no babies in any of our lives yet, so no worry about sitters. And there weren’t resources for...
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Unholy Mackerel

Feb 01, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Bonkers! Never mind fundamentals. Will the business ever make money again? How’s the management team? Prospects for sales growth? Supply management? Is demand for the product somewhere between 8-track tapes and floppy disks? (Those really floppy, big...
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