Egg-on-Sidewalk Friday

Jun 29, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon, Just a quick note today as we approach what is forecasted to be the hottest few days in Prince George since the invention of heat. In this week's weekly insights piece: China equities: Beyond the recovery – The recent correction in Chinese...
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Deep space Klingon

Jun 23, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Elmer Fed? Current media headlines might seem to jump-up-and-down more than usual, which would be an accomplishment. This week the Globe and Mail sent advisors in Canada a morning missive about the ”Hawkish Fed,” a term implying tough-love rate hikes...
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Hockey Stick Data

Jun 15, 2021 |Mark Ryan
It’s Friday Are you Saying I’m Fat? Today, a timely report on inflation, which, like a big, over-yeasty cinnamon fritter, plays an outsized roll (get it?) on markets. The gooey centre of the debate is whether or not the expansion is a sticky problem....
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The new blood diamonds

Jun 07, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Transplants. As the chart below shows, today China dominates global inputs for solar panel production. What the chart doesn’t show that their industry takeover, less than a decade in the making, was built in a region dominated by what several countries...
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Bob's Steak and Chainsaw Hut

Jun 02, 2021 |Mark Ryan
It takes a bit of a leathery soul to scratch out a living in the BC interior. I’ve cashed a pay cheque for a businessman whose employee, the payee, used a shoulder tattoo as ID. I had a toothless 85 year-old fishing client whose half-rotten boat was held...
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