Pride and Prejudice and Pipelines

Jan 27, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Well, since you asked: To the rhetorical “Hey, how are ya?” nobody actually wants an answer, but… It’s been ten months of Covideration – that’s 300 days of 8-ish hours, or if you prefer, 45 two-weekses’s and counting. Working from my daughter’s old bedroom...
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Conference from the Man-Caves

Jan 16, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Business conferences are usually spectacular affairs, hosted in hotels plunked onto the most expensive real estate in the world. Presenters include rock stars, celebrity managers, university geniuses, and swarms of waiters and waitresses force-feeding...
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What would Ray say...?

Jan 08, 2021 |Mark Ryan
I fell asleep last night feeling heavy angst over the Georgia senate election. Would democrat wins surprise and topple the market’s recent good mood? (Insert wavy dream sequence graphics here) In my restless night sweat, Ray Charles was standing in the...
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