Who shot JR ?

May 25, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Love and Money: Near the climax of the most recent BBC production of Les Miserables, naive young Cosette tries to sneak out to rendezvous with her earnest lover Marius. But just then the street battle between the rebels and the French army is on, and...
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Not that 70's show

May 18, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon, Good-ish news on the Coronavirus front: This past week we made good progress in Canada, with our 7-day average rate of new daily infections ticking down to 6700 versus the 7800 a week before. There were encouraging and relatively strong...
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COVID Kryptonite Correlation Coefficient

May 10, 2021 |Mark Ryan
COVID, Kleenex, and Coal. With titles like “Mines over Matter” and the “RBC Mining COVID-19 Tracker” our Capital Markets team keeps track of the pandemic’s potential to hinder exports. Nations who find themselves on the wrong end of a sort of “average...
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Bleachy Keen

May 04, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Remember a year ago, when bleach-based cleaning products were more precious than, ah, toilet paper? Right. So what do you get when…? Every bleach product in the world gets bought up in the early days of a pandemic, and; About 1/3 of the world sits on...
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