Have you made these two estate planning mistakes?

Nov 30, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

The Wealthy Barber on what you may have overlooked in your estate plan.

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Why your digital assets should be part of your estate plan

Nov 25, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

The Wealthy Barber on planning for your digital assets after you’re gone.

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Class Clashes Cash

Nov 25, 2020 |Mark Ryan
Class of 1980: Well, I wouldn’t call it class. Me with my t-shirt and jeans under a tweed sports coat. My lovely date in her new dress flustering raspberry as I pull over my steaming 67 Mustang and scramble in to the ditch on our way to our high school...
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Politely waiting in line

Nov 18, 2020 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon, Markets had a good week, based on positive news regarding COVID-19. Honey I’m Home! Somewhere tonight, maybe in a swanky upscale Cincinnati street, a Pfizer salesman stepped out of a shiny new car and walked through the front door with...
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Estate planning to avoid a family feud

Nov 17, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

The Wealthy Barber's strategy for family heirlooms and personal belongings.

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Hot Dog anyone?

Nov 09, 2020 |Mark Ryan
Good (grief) Afternoon, There are 8760 hours in a year. And because you probably haven’t already quite had enough -- even after 35,040 straight hours of Trumped up US Election news coverage – (overshadowed briefly by a deadly worldwide epidemic), we’re...
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It Lurks Beneath!

Nov 04, 2020 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon Hawky Fans, U.S. volatility spikes: As the Volatility Index (VIX) reaches a new four-month high, we examine historical data and find a measure of reassurance for buyers-and-holders. An autumn of discontent? Several forces have driven the...
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