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Every woman is exceptional and all of our financial needs are unique to our life situations. Perhaps it’s starting a new family, savings for a child’s education, buying that first home, divorce, loss of a loved one or maybe you are thinking of retirement and what that looks like? No matter what your goal might be, it’s important to have an understanding of your overall financial position. That requires building a customized plan and implementing it. With a personalized plan in place you will have peace of mind knowing & understanding what it takes to reach your goals. Our team of woman expert advisors are here to help you every step of the way! Strong women helping other women become financially independent, strong & empowered.

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Single greatest regret of female investors is, not investing early enough.


  • Educate yourself on saving and investing early, including workplace programs (if available)
  • Seek out professional's advice to gain confidence in your financial decisions
  • Take advantage of compounding growth on your investments
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Women are more likely to experience significant life changes, compared to men when it comes to their finances.


  • Ask your advisor to create customized plan to help you achieve your goals. Consider your risk appetite
  • Meet with your advisor to ensure you are on track and update changes accordingly
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Women live longer but tend to save less. Women save 30% less and have to work 2 years longer than men.


  • Increased income? Take advantage of saving that instead of spending it
  • Plan for your retirement early
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Women will be required to become sole financial decision makers in their life. In fact 90% will.


  • Work with your advisor to update your financial plan. Consider switching to spending your life savings and ensuring that it doesn't outlast you
  • Always prepare for the unexpected
  • Speak with your advisor about next generation wealth transfer
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90% of women become sole financial decision makers

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Women will live longer than men

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Women retire with 30% less wealth and work 2 years longer

"Women have long been relegated to the sidelines of the financial services sector, where advisers have traditionally focused on men and their money. Now the tables are turning and wealth managers face an unprecedented transformation as more women outlive their spouses, hold an increasing share of jobs and take greater control over family finances.”
The Globe & Mail, August 9, 2014