Financially savvy, financially secure!

Practical money insights geared towards women!

Listen back as Fickling Wealth Management and Alice Ambrosie, VP Practice management at CI Global Asset Management discuss how COVID-19 has made us all reevaluate our priorities, well-being and our financial health. As a result, many of us are reimagining how we spend our time, energy and money.

This unique seminar is a psychological exploration of how women’s various upbringings, money personalities and decision-making approaches can impact their financial health. Interactive and engaging, this session ensures attendees will walk away with real-world advice and concrete, simple steps to take charge of their financial well-being.

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Estate creation vs. preservation!

Listen back as Fickling Wealth Management and our partner Lynn Prudom, Associate Estate Planning Specialist, discuss the benefits of your family needs in the event of a spouse or parent passing, estate planning and offsetting final obligations to CRA and in addition to the use of insurance policies alternative ways of tax sheltering growth.

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Because your legacy is more than just assets!

Listen back to our webinar of our insightful discussion with Stephen McCotter, Senior Will and Estate Advisor from Royal Trust. As we share helpful strategies on testamentary planning, the necessity of having an up-to-date Will, and most importantly, the role of the executor.

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Tax efficient investing for Business Owners - The Corporate Class Structure!

When it comes to tax minimization, the use of corporate class mutual fund structures is a strategy that has significant benefits to individuals and to corporations.

The corporate class mutual funds combine flexibility, security and tax efficiency and are available in many different investment mandates. One of the primary benefits of corporate class funds is the ability to pool the income and expenses of all funds in the fund family?

Listen back as we discuss these tax efficient investment strategies, their structures that allow entrepreneurs to defer taxation, receive tax-free capital dividends and can reduce taxes by offsetting fully taxable income.

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Woman and Wealth – Mind the Gap!

Listen and watch as we dig deep into the understanding of how women face different perspectives when it comes to finances.

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Responsible Investing: Environmental, Social &
Governance (ESG) Investing!

Playback and listen as we discuss how does a company act as an Environmental Steward (Climate change & Waste Management); Trust employees, customers & communities (supply chain & Health and Safety); & Govern Itself (Cyber risk management). Sharing insights into Social Responsible Investing, ESG Integration, and Impact Investing.

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