What does your Retirement Goal look like?

Did you know that today's retirees are living longer than previous generations? In fact, they live 20-30 years longer after retiring. Your retirement plan should reflect a lasting retirement income.

Here are 7 most important questions we get asked about retirement:

  1. Will I have enough to retire?
  2. How much should I save to not outlive my retirement savings? 
  3. When should I take my CPP and OAS? 
  4. I have saved all my life, how should I use the funds to balance growth and income?
  5. Should I keep my house, downsize, rent or move to retirement residence?
  6. Now that I am retired, what’s next?
  7. How can I pass on my life savings to my children/grandchildren?
Amount needed to generate a $10,000 income stream
Funds required today to provide an immediate income stream of $10,000 per year, indexed at 2%. 21-year income stream 26-year income stream 31-year income stream
3% after tax return $188,251 $227,669 $265,211
5% after tax return $156,074 $181,199 $202,935
Comparison of a TFSA versus two RRSPs
  TFSA **RRSP ***RRSP with lower tax rate in retirement Age
*Annual, out-of-pocket contribution $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 40
Balance at retirement $421,551 $633,911 $633,911 65
Net annual payout $25,751 $25,751 $29,507 65‑90

It all depends on your lifestyle. Should you wish to gain a better understanding of where you are and what’s next, we are here and can help. It’s not our first retirement, even if it’s yours!

Are you ready to retire, plan to retire or are already retired? We can help.

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