Running a successful business can be taxing without having the right tools and plans in place. As a business owner the decisions you make today can cause significant implication for yourself, family and your business.

With the right steps and determination, your business should flourish. Here are 10 strategies that will help you along the way:

  1. Choose the best structure for your business (Incorporate or not?)
  2. Reducing your taxes (Personal & Business strategies)
  3. Cash Surplus (Is there an immediate need for cash or can it be tax-efficiently withdrawn long term)
  4. Building employee loyalty (Retain top talent with Group RRSP's, benefits, growth for opportunities and new challenges.) -Yes challenging employees is a great thing! They will feel appreciated and loyal for the opportunity presented!
  5. Reducing Risks (Mitigate risks both personal and business assets.)
  6. Dealing with the unexpected (Always have a plan for the unexpected events like, marriage breakdown, illness or injury and even loss of a key employee.)
  7. Retiring- Who will buy it from you at what you would like to receive from it?
  8. Selling your business (Valid reason to sell. Don't sell under pressure. Consider engaging expert with the sale.)
  9. Keeping your business in the family (Choose your successor and communicate your plan.)
  10. Once you are retired, what to do next? (Do you have any hobbies or charities you can get involved in?)

Are you a CEO, SheO, entrepreneur, founder or partner of a business and want more of your time back? Let's chat about how a financial planning can benefit your business.

Are you a CEO, SheEO, entrepreneur, founder or partner of a business and want your time back?

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