Each of our clients is unique. They come to us with varied financial resources, individual cash flows, both in and out of their household and / or business, they have individualized risk tolerances, as well as personal short and long-term goals and objectives. Accordingly, we spend considerable time getting to know each of our clients initially, and keep up to date as their lives evolve.




If after getting to know each other we mutually agree there is a fit, we will then put together a comprehensive wealth management proposal that connects your current reality to the future you envision. Included in the proposal:

1) A custom Financial Plan: Think of this as your financial road-map, encompassing all planned savings, expenditures, divestitures, and retirement income and estate planning goals, all optimized to maximize your net worth, and minimize taxes. Your financial plan will also uncover additional optimization strategies related to: Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Protection and Wealth Transfer. A personalized financial plan gives you the confidence that your actions today will ensure you achieve your goals tomorrow.


2) A detailed Portfolio Review: Next we review your current portfolio and determine if it is well-positioned to help you achieve the goals and objectives outlined in your financial plan. This will include an examination of its current asset allocation, risk profile, past performance and fee structure.


3) A concise Action Plan: We will provide a detailed accounting of what we feel could be improved, including any recommendations to better bridge your current portfolio and overall wealth management structure and strategy to your ideal financial plan.

With a solid foundation in place, we monitor your progress toward your goals by providing regular, in-person, reviews of our day-to-day management of your financial well-being. We regularly revisit the planning phase with you to ensure our actions continue to meet your evolving needs, and that your financial plan and portfolio are proactively adjusted. Lastly, we highly value client engagement, and promote financial literacy and ultimately, client peace of mind, through ongoing education, events.