Key Principles to Improve Your Odds of Success

When it comes to choosing an investment strategy, the evidence is clear: attempting to outguess the market is a losing proposition. Instead, we utilize an academic approach that is founded on the principles outlined below. This takes the guesswork out of investing, and allows you to focus on the areas of your life that you are most passionate about.
Our investment philosophy has been shaped by decades of research. We believe that security prices reflect all publicly available information as intense competition among market participants drives prices toward fair value. We use the information in market prices, combined with fundamental data, to systematically identify differences in expected returns among securities.
We seek to add value by building portfolios that target higher expected returns in a cost-effective manner. By integrating a dynamic, market-driven process with a flexible trading strategy, we manage the trade-offs that matter for performance—balancing competing premiums, diversification, and costs. This approach is applied consistently across a full suite of global and regional equity and fixed income strategies, allowing us to help meet the diverse needs of investors.


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