Investor Psychology in Uncertain Times

Mar 25, 2020 |Warren Andrukow
Good Afternoon, I’m quite certain you don’t need another email reminding you that we are in a big mess right now. Obviously our portfolios and the economy have been impacted, but so too has our health and safety, and that of our loved-ones. As we grapple...
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The Market Has No Memory

Feb 04, 2020 |David Booth
I have worked in finance for over 50 years, and it seems that every January the same thing happens. Lots of folks look back at last year’s performance to draw conclusions they can use to predict what markets will do in the year to come. I don’t make predictions...
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Wuhan Virus Update

Jan 30, 2020 |RBC Global Asset Management
After an extended period of calm, market volatility has increased in recent days. Fears around the spread of a new coronavirus and the impact it may have on global activity and growth have put a dent into widespread optimism that the global economy was...
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The 2010s: A Decade in Review

Jan 15, 2020 |Warren Andrukow
Imagine it is early January 2010 and you are reading a review of the financial markets. Investors have been on a roller coaster over the past three years, living through the stress of the global financial crisis and market downturn of 2008–2009, then...
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Hindsight Is 20/20. Foresight Isn't.

Jan 03, 2020 |Warren Andrukow
The financial markets were pretty miserable in 2018. The good news is they rebounded nicely in 2019. If an investor read a news article at the start of 2019, they probably wouldn’t have expected the TSX to return a little more than 20% for the calendar...
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Investor Lessons From Behavioural Finance

Oct 02, 2019 |Warren Andrukow
When it comes to investing, one of the biggest hurdles we must face is ourselves. Study after study has demonstrated that individual investors routinely commit blunders that detract from their portfolio reaching its potential. Fortunately, the most common...
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The Uncommon Average

May 06, 2019 |Warren Andrukow
“I have found that the importance of having an investment philosophy—one that is robust and that you can stick with— cannot be overstated.” —David Booth The US stock market has delivered an average annual return of around 10% since 1926.1 But short-term...
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2018 Market Review

Feb 06, 2019 |Warren Andrukow
Investors around the world saw negative investment returns in 2018, with almost every equity market yielding negative investment returns (only Qatar realized positive returns). Bond markets did not fair much better - some bond indices generated small...
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Here Come the 2019 Market Forecasts!

Jan 02, 2019 |Warren Andrukow
‘Tis the season, as they say, for market “pundits” covering all manner of market to descend from on high to recap what transpired in 2018, and to share with us, their enlightened view of the road ahead in 2019. If you are sensing a tinge of sarcasm in...
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Academic Research Review: Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills?

Dec 21, 2018 |Warren Andrukow
Why Academic Research? As most followers of this blog will know, we utilize an evidence-based investment strategy with our clients, and we think you should as well. The term “evidence-based” describes a practice that has been rigorously evaluated by objective...
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