Client Profile: Meet the Smiths, Retiring Abroad

February 07, 2024 |Thomas De Mello

Their Journey to Retiring Abroad in Spain

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2024 TFSA Contribution Information & 2023 RRSP Deadline

January 04, 2024 |Thomas De Mello
2024 TFSA Contribution Information You can now make your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) contribution for 2024 (up to $7,000.00). If you haven’t maximized your TFSA contributions in the past, you can also catch up on your 2009-2023 contributions. The...
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Monthly Newsletter: Portfolio Advisor - July 2022

July 12, 2022 |Thomas de Mello, CIM
RBC Global Insight Monthly - July 2022 2022 Midyear Outlook I am pleased to share the latest investment strategy report from RBC Wealth Management—Global Insight, which provides our latest thoughts on asset classes, the economy, and timely issues that...
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Individual Pension Plans

September 14, 2021 |Thomas de Mello, CIM
Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) offer massive advantages to qualifying business owners. Here are 10 ways to benefits from IPPs. 1. Maximize your tax-sheltered retirement savings IPPs are the most tax-efficient registered retirement savings plan allowed...
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Segregated Funds

September 14, 2021 |Thomas de Mello, CIM
Many Canadians are unsatisfied with the returns offered on GICs and term deposits in today’s market but are unwilling to take on the added risk that comes with mutual funds or stock investments. Traditional segregated funds can meet your needs if you...
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Newsletter: July 2021

July 22, 2021 |Thomas de Mello
Video Presentation: Outlook for Vancouver Housing Market In this recent presentation, Brendon Ogmundson - Chief Economist of the BC Real Estate Association, and top realtor, Vivian Yu, discuss the current state and future outlook of the Vancouver Real...
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RBC Wealth Management Advice Event : Outlook for Vancouver Real Estate -Thursday, June 24th @ 12pm

May 25, 2021 |Anton Villareal
Thursday, June 24th @ 12pm: Outlook for Housing Prices in Vancouver RSVP HERE This exclusive event will focus on the Vancouver housing prices and will be featuring the Chief Economist of the BC Real Estate Association, Brendon Ogmundson, as well as top...
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Virtual Presentation: Weathering the Storm - How to effectively manage your investments during periods of market volatility

November 05, 2020 |Thomas De Mello

Please join us for an exclusive presentation where we will be discussing strategies to manage your portfolio during periods of increased volatility

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Pro athletes: How to navigate short careers, long retirements

September 04, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

It can be overwhelming to be on the receiving end of a financial windfall. What pro athletes need to know.

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Conference Call: Outlook for Canadian Real Estate – June 18, 2020

June 25, 2020 |Anthony Scilipoti

CEO and President of Veritas Investment Research, Anthony Scilipoti joined us to discuss the Canadian real estate market and provide insight on the sector, with a particular focus on Vancouver. Topics covered during this presentation include, risks

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