Our Complimentary Second Opinion Service
Helping you and your family build, manage and protect your wealth

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, part of a large family, or a high net-worth retiree / pre-retiree, you may have to manage financial issues that others don’t; This could include inheritances, assets in trust, complex tax planning, or a family vacation property. Perhaps you’d like to put your finances into greater context with your family’s savings, estate and business planning goals. Whatever your personal situation, we are here to help, with a comprehensive review that can ensure your wealth remains “all in the family.”

Our review process typically looks at both your investment portfolio and your overall wealth planning. This way, we can assess your financial situation in the context of your personal tax situation, savings goals, the time you have to invest and other factors such as your insurance coverage or charitable intentions.

Portfolio Review
Our process follows four key steps:
1. First, we listen to you to understand your needs and concerns.
2. Then, we document your investor profile, including your comfort with market risk and the reasons for investing (such as saving for an education or retirement).
3. Next, we review your current investment holdings based on our four analytical disciplines (Economic, Fundamental Research, Quantitative Research and Technical Analysis) and current outlook for the economy and markets.
4. Finally, we prepare a detailed written report containing our recommendations.
Our recommendations may include anything from minor adjustments to comprehensive changes. We may invite you to join us as a client, or perhaps recommend one of our partners from another area of RBC. Or we may simply confirm that you are on track to achieving your goals.

Wealth Management Assessment
Your portfolio represents one aspect of your overall wealth, while your family’s wealth management plan may call for additional expertise from the RBC Wealth Management Services team of tax, legal, financial and estate planning professionals, including:

  •  Financial Planning Specialists to help develop financial plans

  •  Estate Planning Specialists who provide advice on insurance, disability protection and other estate protection solutions

  •  Estate and Trust Advisors providing guidance on Wills, Powers of Attorney and other estate planning strategies

  • High Net Worth Planning Specialists who advise clients with above-average financial assets on matters specific to their situation, such as vacation property succession planning or family trusts

  • Business Owner Specialists dedicated to wealth planning for business owners

Working closely with your family members, we can help ensure that these issues are captured in your own financial picture and wealth management plan, and that your family’s tax, financial and estate planning needs are taken into consideration.
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