Our Process - New Clients

6 - 12 month Service Plan

Discovery: In depth discovery meeting to fully understand your current situation, experience, risk tolerance and goals & objectives. This allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy based on your unique requirements.


Proposal: Based on the information derived from the discovery meeting, we provide you with a proposal designed to meeting your clearly defined objectives while aligning with your risk tolerance, time-line and other relevant considerations.


Financial Plan: We structure the information provided in the discovery meeting and provide a clear picture of your current situation. In the plan we include: financial projections, tax planning and minimization strategies, and will & estate considerations. We will run multiple scenarios to see if you are meeting your objectives and offer strategies to help you achieve your goals.


Will & Estate Reviews: Taking into consideration your entire financial situation, family circumstances and legacy plans, we offer advice to help simply your estate planning. We provide specific strategies for the most tax efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation, and ensuring your loved ones are prepared to do the same.


Monitor & Continuous Review: Ongoing review of your investment portfolio and financial plan to ensure you are on track to meet your objectives. Along with ongoing communication and advice is available at your discretion. Minimum annual review along with quarterly reports to keep you updated with performance.