Investment Costs

We understand that costs, including management fees and commissions, can have a materially negative impact on an investor’s return.  We strive to provide best-in-class value and our fee structure is among the most competitive in Canada.

We provide clients with an all- inclusive fee schedule that includes management fees, custody and reporting charges, as well as most transaction costs (commissions). Your investment management fees also include access to our additional services such as Financial Planning, Will and Estate Consultations and Tax Planning. 

Investment management fees may be tax deductible for non-registered accounts. Fees can be charged on a monthly or quarterly basis based on the market value of the assets in your accounts. In calculating fees, all related “family” accounts may be aggregated to give clients the benefits of lower fee rates on larger values.

Fee Schedule: All portfolios can differ slightly - we strive to find the appropriate balance between cost and quality for your specific needs. We will always be fully transparent with our cost structure, providing you with a full breakdown of any embedded fees in investment products or other additional costs. 

Because each portfolio may differ, fees can vary slightly based on account value and the specific holdings in your portfolio. Please contact us directly to request a customized fee schedule.