Discover our second opinion service

Gain peace of mind about your financial situation by using our second opinion service – a complimentary, four-step process designed to determine if your current investment portfolio and financial plan are properly structured to achieve your goals.

Step 1: We listen

Before we look at your current portfolio, we take the time to understand your investment objectives, financial goals and your unique situation.

Step 2: We create an investment plan

Your custom-tailored investment plan will consider key factors such as your investment objectives, time horizons and risk profile.

Step 3: We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your current holdings

Taking your investment objectives and market conditions into consideration, we offer our best opinion on the quality and suitability of the investments you presently own.

Step 4: We bring it all together

We take the results of our analysis and compare it to your criteria. If your current portfolio is properly structured, we will tell you so. If we feel changes should be made, we will make specific recommendations.

To learn more about our complementary second opinion service, contact us today.