We are a family-focused wealth management practice that offers personalized guidance on investment and financial affairs. We keep your family’s priorities in mind, while managing the risks that the markets – and life – can bring.

Emin Yusufov

Emin Yusufov, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

416-733-5250 | LinkedIn
Yashar Yusufov

Yashar Yusufov, CFP, CIM

Associate Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner


Sumaira Raza

Sumaira Raza, CIM

Senior Associate Advisor



Adam Littlejohn, CLU, CFP®, TEP

Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.


Connie Freitas, BA, LL.B

Vice President and Will & Estate Consultant, RBC Family Office Services


Sanaz Shams

Premier Banking Advisor, RBC Royal Bank

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