We aspire to deliver a client experience that leaves you confident in working with our team. We are always available to talk to you about anything and everything. Many of our valued clients have recognized us for always providing expedited and reliable service. We're grateful to those who have provided us with feedback and have taken their time to let us know the impact we are having not only on their financial affairs but in all areas of their lives.


After 15 years in the investment industry and now a fund manager, I find this team to be one of the most capable teams in both helping create and maintain wealth. They are extremely competent in what they do and I would highly recommend them for.

— D.S. CEO

I have been very satisfied with the prompt professional service provided. The depth of knowledge of various investment alternatives has been very helpful. I receive much info about my holdings promptly when news is released. They have custom tailored their advice to meet my investment objectives. Very pleased and satisfied.


Over the years that we've done business together, I have received nothing short of exceptional service and advice. The team has all the requisite attributes for both traders and investors. They take no shortcuts and are very successful as investment professionals... may you continue doing what you do best.

— RH

My wife and I have been clients of Yashar and Emin for a few years now and we can honestly say that they are professional, approachable, and pro-active in every respect. Two fantastic guys to deal with because above all they truly care about their clients. We would not be the biggest fish in their pool of investors but nothing is ever too much trouble for them. We could not be happier having worked with them on our financial affairs and retirement plan. We trust their judgment and feel truly comfortable under their professional guidance. Thanks to Yashar and Emin for the business and what has become a friendship relationship we enjoy together. We are so thankful for having met them & look forward to their continued financial guidance. We wish you both continued success in the future!

— BB, SVP - Head of Sales & Operations North America

I want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the great individual attention you have given my personal and corporate accounts. In particular, maximizing my returns by daily sweeping of the accounts for free cash, borrowing margin requirements through bond sales, fast and good fills on IPO, and other transactions. In particular, a review of my personal and corporate affairs relative to estate and tax planning. I must also mention access to your research and investment recommendations along with their best ideas.

— Norman



For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of dealing with both Emin and Yashar. I was introduced to them during an extremely difficult time in my life, my father had just passed away. I had never had to deal with an estate before, and was quite overwhelmed. Emin and Yashar proved to be honest and extremely knowledgeable; they gave me great advice, which made a huge difference. They noticed that there were many ways to improve my portfolio, including adding a TFSA and along the way, both Emin and Yashar were educating me. I have since moved all of my investments to RBC Dominion Securities.




As a relative neophyte in the world of wealth management, and after undertaking extensive research into the matter, I have been consistently impressed with the extraordinary attitude and standard of commitment and professionalism from the team of Emin and Yashar at RBC Dominion Securities.

I look forward to working with them for years to come, and am happy to recommend them as investment professionals.




Since meeting and working with Yashar and Emin I feel much happier and more confident with the potential outcome of my financial investments. They both have great knowledge and skills, are very professional and conscientious as well as being extremely easy to talk and deal with. They are a highly motivated and effective team who are truly committed to top notch service, advice and follow up. They have assisted me in formulating an overall action plan including the much needed modifications to my investment portfolio mix, addressing reduced taxation possibilities, Will preparation and currently the planning of future RIF arrangements. At all times they have clearly described my options, benefits and have focused on my goals and needs. I have very much appreciated their guidance and advice and tremendously value the business relationship.




I have found Emin and Yashar to be proactive, confident and readily available whenever I need them. They are a pleasure to deal with and always have my family's best interest at heart. They take a holistic view of my finances and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

— Dr. RB



I recently moved my RRSP portfolio to RBC Dominion Securities under the guidance of Emin and Yashar. They reviewed my portfolio and made several recommendations with the information and guidance I needed to move forward. I am thrilled with the returns my portfolio has achieved to date and I can recommend Emin and Yashar to you, my friends and colleagues with confidence.




Emin and Yashar are the only wealth advisors I work with. After the passing of my father in 2013, I entrusted both of them to guide me in developing a prudent investment strategy and a financial plan. I have been very satisfied with the level of care, professionalism and concern. I might add that they are always available to speak and offer their perspective on the markets. I would highly recommend their team to my friends and family.




I've had the pleasure of working with Yashar and Emin as my investment advisors/planners over the last few years. I have been impressed with their thoughtful insights on my investment goals and their advice and guidance has been important in helping to maintain and grow my portfolio. They take the time to explain any trends or news events that could have an impact to the financial markets. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

— Mark



Emin and Yashar have been my financial advisors for the past few years and in that time they have given me great advice, excellent service and delivered steady returns on my investments. They have guided me through the ups and downs of the financial roller coaster in recent years and have always been available to answer my questions. They keep me focused on our long-term plan and help take my emotions out of investing. They explain complex matters clearly and simply and make sure I understand our long-term plan. Their team is always on top of following up when something needs to be actioned off and I trust this team and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.I can highly recommend Yashar and Emin to anyone looking for a long-term relationship with a great team.




The transition from my retired advisor of 20 years to Emin and Yashar has been entirely seamless. I have now been dealing with them for about 7 years and can say without hesitation they are extremely knowledgeable, personable and very responsive. They provide good insight and customize their investment advice based on solid fundamentals and long-term growth while always being focused on risk management and effective tax planning. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend them.

— Dan LeBlanc


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