The freedom to live the life you want

If you desire greater freedom to focus on what’s really important to you, and the confidence of knowing that your portfolio is in the care of trusted professionals. Busy medical professionals and executives, travelers, retirees and snowbirds often find that the greater their wealth, the more time they require every day to manage it.

We invite you to consider Private Investment Management, our premium level of discretionary investment management.


Work with a Dedicated Personal Portfolio Manager

As your personal portfolio manager, we can relieve you of the day-to-day decisions and help you reach your financial goals by directly managing all aspects of your investment portfolio. Professionally-managed accounts (discretionary portfolio management) free you of real-time investment decisions and allow our team to take advantage of buying opportunities and react quickly to market movements.

This exclusive service is offered only by qualified advisors with advanced investment credentials and extensive experience advising clients and significant assets under administration.

Our Investment Approach

Create your personalized Investment Policy Statement

It all starts with listening to what you and your family want to accomplish. We create this document together and it details all your objectives, goals and constraints in managing your portfolio. You can think of it as a master plan for your portfolio.

Portfolio Design

We combine our understanding of your family’s situation along with our extensive global economic research and market trends backed by RBC to define the optimal diversified asset mix for your portfolio.

Manage your portfolio

We make day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf.

Risk Management

An independent third party risk management group ensures your portfolio is always aligned with your investment policy statement. By auditing our work, as well as the portfolios we manage, this group can help provide you with greater peace of mind.

Adjusting your investment strategy

The world is constantly changing and so your portfolio needs to evolve to reflect the changes that are occurring.

Staying in touch

You have full access to your portfolio using our enhanced online banking platform. On a quarterly basis we provide you with a consolidated report summarizing all your accounts.