Alternative investments

Most investors are aware of traditional investments such as stocks and bonds – and many invest in them directly or through mutual funds and ETFs. Did you know, however, that traditional investments represent only part of the investing landscape?

Pension Funds, Endowment Funds and Ultra-High Net worth Families have actively included alternative investments in their portfolios as a strategy to improve their risk-adjusted returns.

Our team specializes and employs a pension style approach when customizing portfolios for our clients. We use an array of strategies to help compliment traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.

Why alternatives matter

With the potential for lower correlation to stocks and bonds, alternative strategies can increase your overall portfolio diversification

Broader diversification

Alternative strategies can help mitigate risk in times of volatility and potentially enhance a portfolio’s long-term risk-adjusted returns

Capital preservation

Since alternative investments are less exposed to the broad market, the impact of market volatility can be lower

Lower volatility

Alternatives have the ability to produce a positive return in all market environments

Enhanced returns

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