Mentors of Greatness Series - Volume 3 - 3 things Ashley Wheeler can teach you about GRIT - (Scholarship Candidate 2019)

Jan 27, 2020 |William Vastis
When my 3 daughters and I came up with a scholarship idea in their grandmother's honour, they wanted giving back to a specific group of early leader that have a few merits. The are becoming and empowering woman from sport and academics They can teach...
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Five key questions in estate planning and wealth transfer

Apr 05, 2018 |William Vastis
Wealth Management Services offers up wealth planning guidance and considerations in their latest Special Report When thinking about life in general, one of the most amazing aspects is that no two lives are ever the same. Each individual’s life is a unique...
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Mentors of Greatness Series - Volume 2 : Paul Henderson - Timing is Everything...

Feb 17, 2018 |William Vastis
Paul Henderson's goal against Russia in 1972 Summit Series became part of Canada’s maturation into a nation. I had the privilege to hearing him tell his story to an intimate setting and his echo of the term "Timing is Everything" through his humbleness...
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Emotional investing - How emotions can get in the way of your

Feb 07, 2018 |William Vastis
Watching the value of your investments fluctuate can be an emotional experience. When markets are falling and your investments decrease in value, you may become anxious and worry about what impact it will have on your overall financial well-being. When...
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Dec 04, 2017 |William Vastis
Fun Stats Days Trump has spent at Mar a Lago: 25 Cost of flights to Mar a Lago (8 so far):* ~$15,420,000 Days Trump has spent at Bedminster: 33 Cost of flights to Bedminster (11 so far):* ~$8,481,000 Trump has visited his clubs once every this many days...
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Why winery investors could be raising a glass next week

Nov 30, 2017 |William Vastis

wine prices for canadians

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7 Drivers for Determining If a Family Office Is Right for Your Family

Nov 29, 2017 |William Vastis
How do you know whether your family should start a family office? It might help to take a brief detour first to define what a family office is. In simple terms, a family office is a private organization created to oversee and manage the financial needs...
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Retirement and estate solutions using surplus cash in a corporation

Aug 18, 2017 |William Vastis
Today's post is the last in our series of articles that explains how different types of income are taxed in a corporation and explore some of the key issues to consider when you have surplus cash in your corporation. This article discusses possible retirement...
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Wealth Professional Top 50 Award

Aug 08, 2017 |William Vastis
I was very honoured to be selected as the top ranked advisor by Wealth Professional for 2016. Each year since 2014, Wealth Professional has reached out to the industry to gauge which advisors are driving the business forward. In compiling this list of...
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Succession Planning in Family-Owned Businesses: Are you setting your "next gens" up for success?

Jul 28, 2017 |William Vastis
Are you a business owner that has "next gens" working within the family business? You may often wonder if you are setting them up for success by transitioning the business to them. You may have to step back and take a look at the big picture, and ask...
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