Mentors of Greatness Series - Volume 3 - 3 things Ashley Wheeler can teach you about GRIT - (Scholarship Candidate 2019)

Jan 27, 2020 |William Vastis
When my 3 daughters and I came up with a scholarship idea in their grandmother's honour, they wanted giving back to a specific group of early leader that have a few merits. The are becoming and empowering woman from sport and academics They can teach...
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12 Tips to Eat and Stay Healthy on Vacations

Jan 06, 2018 |William Vastis
12 Tips to Eat and Stay Healthy on Vacations Travelling is about fun, excitement, adventure and rejuvenation. But a change in routine, irregular eating and sleeping, and travel stress is a lot for your mind and body to deal with—that’s why so many of...
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Dec 04, 2017 |William Vastis
Fun Stats Days Trump has spent at Mar a Lago: 25 Cost of flights to Mar a Lago (8 so far):* ~$15,420,000 Days Trump has spent at Bedminster: 33 Cost of flights to Bedminster (11 so far):* ~$8,481,000 Trump has visited his clubs once every this many days...
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