Succession Planning in Family-Owned Businesses: Are you setting your "next gens" up for success?

Jul 28, 2017 |William Vastis
Are you a business owner that has "next gens" working within the family business? You may often wonder if you are setting them up for success by transitioning the business to them. You may have to step back and take a look at the big picture, and ask...
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Government targets tax planning using private corporations

Jul 27, 2017 |William Vastis
The Government of Canada released a proposal and consultation last week that targets three tax planning strategies, that in their view use private corporations to gain unfair tax advantages for high-income individuals. The strategies targeted by the proposal...
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Learning from your Summer Intern

Jul 25, 2017 |William Vastis
If you are employing an intern this summer, this is a great read on what you can learn from their young minds! Companies such as RBC Wealth Management are undertaking "reverse internships" where interns are paired with experienced employees, with the...
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Girls Who Golf May Get a Business Boost

Jul 21, 2017 |William Vastis
Want your daughter to have a key to the executive board room? Add learning golf to her goals. It could be an investment that has as much value as an MBA. Learning golf may help your daughter gain access to top executives, hear the inside corporate gossip...
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