Live discussion: 
From Money Concerns to Financial Wellness | Wednesday, July 14 at 7 pm

Money touches everything we do and is the leading cause of concerns, health and relationship issues for many – even more so for those with good income, savings and who are approaching retirement.

Consider how confident you are about:

  • Making the most of all your assets and being able to retire when you want, maintain your desired lifestyle and not outlive your money

  • Being prepared for unforeseen events such as the death of a loved one or loss of income

  • Preserving your wealth against taxes, inflation and the next market correction

  • Facing the financial challenges of helping aging parents or adult children

Your concerns about money may be different, but if you relate to any of these and would like to clarify and organize your thoughts, you will find this virtual discussion very valuable. A few steps in the right direction can help calm your mind and establish a smart plan to move forward.

Join a small group of like-minded professionals on Wednesday, July 14 at 7 pm and learn the wisdom of:

  1. Looking into your relationship with money and find where your money concerns come from

  2. Evaluating your financial health and adopting a new mindset about preparing for retirement

  3. Implementing simple strategies to achieve financial wellness and peace of mind

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“As a seasoned wealth coach and portfolio manager, I have a passion for helping professionals implement a plan to prevent that “falling behind" feeling and improve their financial health. Whether it’s reducing their frustration and financial stress, or tactics to achieve their long-term goals, I get people on a path to better financial well-being.

I do this by helping investors understand their relationship with money, and current and future financial picture. Through personalized goals, education, planning, investing, and ongoing support, I help them focus on what is important to them, increase confidence and feel financially secure now and in the future.”
- JF

Contact me at jean-francois.droz@rbc or 416-699-4550 if you'd like to talk.